Special Needs Planning

Your dependents are never a burden, but the additional financial obligation of caring for them might be.

Are you the parent or guardian of a child with special needs? Or maybe you are taking care of your aging parents and assisting them with their health and well-being needs throughout their retirement? Many Canadians don’t know that there are specialized financial products and tax credits available for people supporting dependents with special needs.

When your financial requirements include the special needs of one or more dependents, there are unique financial considerations that can help you to optimize your funds while balancing the additional expenses that emerge including private schools, home-care workers, psychologists, therapists and retirement facilities.

At The McClelland Financial Group, our advisors can offer you the financial guidance and expertise to manage the additional expenses that come from supporting a loved one with special needs and still continue to save and invest for your long-term well-being, and the well-being of your loved ones. We are here to help you, so that you can continue to help them.

Our advisors offer a range of expertise including:

  • Identifying how much you will need to provide comprehensive support for your special needs dependent(s)
  • Developing a monthly and annual budget to help you allocate your income towards your special needs expenses while still being able to invest for your future
  • Educating you on the tax credits and government incentives that are available for Canadians supporting individuals with special needs

Speak to one of our financial planners today to see if you are eligible for some or all of these benefits.

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