Retirement Planning

Everyone has a different vision for what their retirement will look like. That’s why there is no single retirement strategy that works for everyone. Your retirement planning is as unique as your retirement dreams. The key is knowing how much you will need to save today in order to achieve your dreams for tomorrow.

You have many different sources of income when it comes to your retirement savings target. Between your RRSPs, company pension and Canada Pension Plan, how do you know how much more you should be investing in order to meet your retirement savings target?

Your McClelland Financial Group advisor can help you develop the right retirement plan to suit your unique long term needs. Whether you are retiring in just a few years or you’ve just started your first job after graduation, your advisor will help you assess what your ideal retirement looks like, and what financial and savings options are available to help you get there.

Our advisors offer a range of expertise including:

  • Figuring out what you really want to do when you retire and how much savings you will require to do so
  • Assessing your current financial situation and how to resolve any savings gaps to achieve your savings target
  • Constructing a unique investment portfolio and savings strategy that will help you meet your savings target while balancing your preference for growth, preservation of capital and risk tolerance

As a client of The McClelland Financial Group, you will know the answers to these questions prior to your retirement date. Our role is to have you enter your retirement without any financial concerns.

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