Investment Planning

Whether it’s knowing you’ll have enough savings to put a down payment on your first house, to send your children to university, or knowing how much you need to retire on your terms, having an investment plan is the first step in achieving your goals.

If you are like most Canadians, your salary covers your day to day expenses, while your investments cover your long-term expenses. Having the foresight to determine what you need to save for, and how much you need to invest on a regular basis to reach your investment target is the best way to transform today’s dreams into tomorrow’s reality.

Our advisors offer hands-on expertise based on specialized knowledge of investment products and the expertise that comes with helping hundreds of Canadian investors achieve their investment goals. Where we stand out is how we see you. At TMFG, no two clients are alike. Your advisor will sit with you and gather a detailed, in-depth understanding of key investment variables including what you are saving for, your time horizons, your tolerance for risk and any additional preferences you may have. From there, your advisor will develop an investment strategy and portfolio that is tailored to your unique requirements. While your investment strategy may not be the best one for everyone, your advisor will ensure that it’s the perfect investment strategy for you.

Our advisors offer a range of expertise in investment planning including:

  • Reviewing your savings goals and objectives
  • Developing your in-depth risk assessment
  • Constructing a personalized portfolio of your investments
  • Conducting ongoing portfolio performance tracking
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