Estate Planning

You work hard, save diligently and invest wisely in order to build a financial foundation and provide the best for your family and loved ones. But are you doing enough to protect your accumulated wealth and assets?

From legally identifying beneficiaries and determining how and when your estate will be distributed to optimizing any tax implications in the divestiture of your estate, proactive legacy planning is key to ensuring that you maximize the legacy you leave behind for your loved ones.

At The McClelland Financial Group, our advisors work with you to develop a comprehensive legacy plan that reflects what matters most to you and your loved ones. Your advisor will help you develop a thorough understanding of all of your options and how to make sure that you preserve as much of your accumulated wealth as possible for future generations.

Our advisors offer a range of expertise including:

  • Creating a comprehensive estate plan
  • Assessing your sound legally-binding will
  • Ensuring power of attorney is addressed for both wealth and health
  • Assessing the total net worth of your estate including financial holdings
  • Developing short and long-term strategies for estate taxes

Speak with one of our financial planners today to discuss your estate planning options and strategies.

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