The McClelland Financial Group ranked as one of the
TOP 50 ADVISORS in Canada,
for the fourth time in a row.
Wealth Professional Magazine

We don’t only put our customers first, we take pride in educating our clients as well. Here are some links to subjects our clients have asked us about.

  1. Workshops – Our educational workshops usually run between 12:00 and 1:00 pm at The Thornhill Golf and Country Club. In addition to learning the latest tips, trends and best practices in the field of wealth management, our workshops are a time to relax, enjoy a good meal with like-minded individuals, and learn about investment topics you want more information on. Our workshops are tailored to our clients’ requests  and pertain not only to wealth management, but also anything from learning about how to write memoirs, preparing and drawing an air-tight will, estate planning, dividing assets after divorce, rookie investor mistakes, taxes, and more. Everything you need or want to know to make your lives more comfortable.
  2. White Papers – These white papers were co-written by the members of the Final Frontier Group (FFG), an independent study group that includes six successful portfolio managers and financial advisors affiliated with various firms across Canada.  Rob McClelland is a member of this group.
  3. Videos – Our library of videos are geared towards clients and subscribers on topics that will help enhance their financial awareness. In these videos, clients and subscribers will learn about strategies and tools that enhance their financial well-being, including The Importance of Financial Planning, Tools to keep you financially on track, and Trends in Pension Plans to name a few.
  4. Scholarship Program – Giving back is very important to The McClelland Financial Group, because of this every year we award one recipient with The McClelland Financial Group Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to our clients’ children, grandchildren or family member. The award recipient will have demonstrated a dedication to academic excellence, self improvement, and community involvement with a passion to lead and inspire positive change.
  5. Newsletters – We send a monthly newsletter to our clients and subscribers, covering current events and financial topics relevant to our clients. Some of our financial articles have been written by our advisors, and others are stories from the news media that we want to share. Topics may include; what makes a good advisor, how emotions affect markets, mass media manipulates readers to make changes in the market, buy high sell low – knee jerk reactions, living longer – financial realities and so on.
  6. Brochure – Our brochure is a condensed version of who we are, what we do and how we do it. This brochure is a printable takeaway on how we can help you on your financial journey to retirement. The corner stone to a successful financial future starts with a sound financial plan. We provide our clients not only with Investment Planning but also with Insurance, Tax and Estate Planning. It is not enough to create a plan and hope for the best. The plan’s success is determined by the maintenance and review of its many elements. The McClelland Financial Group uses a unique proprietary tool called My Dashboard™.
  7. Books – Sharing knowledge, financial strategies and tips is what we do best. See our list of recommended books as selected by our advisors. From our recommended reading list you can find out everything from what David Chilton thinks about investments; the financial challenges of a dentist; that there is no shame in seeking out an advisor, more about the importance about investing to what engineers have contributed towards building the modern economy.
  8. Blog – This section includes short articles written by our advisors on current topics, as well as answers to questions asked at some of our client meetings. Blog topics range from delving into the nuts and bolts of an investment strategy or what to look for in an advisor, to understanding why estate planning is so important, and whether you will have enough savings for retirement.