Being an engineer is a dynamic, 360 degree job that involves spatial reasoning, logic and professional advise. The one thing that engineers don’t have a lot of is spare time. That’s where The McClelland Financial Group comes in. Let us build and manage your investment portfolio while protecting you against market volatility. We can also help you with your other financial goals, from estate planning to income tax management. You’ve got a 360 degree profession. Now get the 360 degree experience you deserve.

Behaviour Gap: Do You Invest Like An Engineer Or A Scientist? By Carl Richards

Behaviour Gap: Do You Invest Like an Engineer or a Scientist? By Carl Richards

All too often, I see many investors facing a dilemma. They have some information, but it doesn’t really feel like they have enough to act. So they go looking for more information. But given the short-term nature of some information (e.g., quarterly returns), it can feel like they never know enough to act.

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Engineers Networking Workshop

Join us for our PEO Engineers Networking Event – Engineering Your Retirement Workshop on Monday, October 28th 2013 between 12 and 1 pm with Mike Connon who is a financial educator and has been helping thousands of engineers, retirees and pre-retirees from companies such as RIM, Imperial Oil, IBM, Royal Bank, and Procter & Gamble to name a few.

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