This section includes short articles written by our advisors on current topics, as well as answers to questions asked at some of our client meetings. Blog topics range from delving into the nuts and bolts of an investment strategy or what to look for in an advisor, to understanding why estate planning is so important, and whether you will have enough savings for retirement.

Over 150 toys collected for CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish!

We were so happy to celebrate with you at our Dec 11th holiday event. Over 150 children will receive a gift this holiday season as a result of client donations and the McClelland Financial Group’s contribution to the CHUM City Wish Foundation. Thank you for generous support.

The McClelland Financial Group is very proud to have been a generous contributor to the Thornhill Christmas Assistance Program, helping families of all denominations in need. This year the program was able to help over 115 families including families that are part of Yellow Brick House Women’s Shelter.

Rob’s Read: Egalitarianism – Inequality could be lower than you think

“Even in a world of polarisation, fake news and social media, some beliefs remain universal, and central to today’s politics. None is more influential than the idea that inequality has risen in the rich world. People read about it in newspapers, hear about it from their politicians and feel it in their daily lives. This belief motivates populists, who say selfish metropolitan elites have pulled the ladder of opportunity away from ordinary people. It has given succour to the left, who propose ever more radical ways to redistribute wealth (see article). And it has caused alarm among business people, many of whom now claim to pursue a higher social purpose, lest they be seen to subscribe to a model of capitalism that everyone knows has failed.”

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Millennial Moment What happens to millennials in retirement if they never get into the housing market?

No single issue highlights the financial predicament of millennials like home ownership. Rising tuition costs and the growth in temporary work at the expense of permanent jobs are definitely challenges for young adults today. But the cost of houses outweighs them because it affects their financial well-being today, and in retirement. A poll to be issued by KPMG on Thursday lays out the problem in depressing detail. Millennials are eager to buy homes and bear the financial load, but they also recognize that the cost of home ownership will hurt their ability to save for retirement. Some will never afford a home, which means they won’t have a potentially valuable asset to deploy as part of their retirement plan.

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Rob’s Read: Why Are We So Scared?

“I always find this time of year to be self-reflective. Year-end provides a natural point for critiquing past performance and fitting it into a broader investing context. These holidays in particular have a way of foisting this perspective upon me, and with deep meaning. As a parent of two young kids, my holidays now kick off with Halloween. Perhaps stuck in this spirit, I find myself wondering: Why are we so scared?

I can’t seem to shake this sense that we live in a culture that’s scared. I see a number of signs across the economic, political, and investment landscapes that seem support this observation. To be sure, this is not universally true on an individual level. However, as a culture we seem to have lost our mojo, our swagger, and the confidence that fuels significant economic advancements.”

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7 hard lessons the most successful people master by age 35

Throughout life we learn some valuable lessons we wish we knew earlier in life but of course, hindsight is 20/20. Unfortunately there are many things we learn in life that we can’t learn from traditional education. These so called life lessons have the potential to change our whole trajectory as an individual. This article posted by Leah Thomas highlights 7 lessons the most successful people master by age 35. The sooner you learn these, the more your life can benefit from them.

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Think like a Target-Date retirement fund

How do you invest successfully in the stock market? Answer: Buy low, sell high! Not a novel idea, but one that is consistently overlooked. More often than not, long-term investors are employing the opposite strategy – buying high and selling low – which typically results in an overly-anxious and underwhelming investment experience. Not to mention, a less desirable retirement lifestyle…

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