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We were so happy to celebrate with you at our Dec 11th holiday event. Over 150 children will receive a gift this holiday season as a result of client donations and the McClelland Financial Group’s contribution to the CHUM City Wish Foundation. Thank you for generous support.

The McClelland Financial Group is very proud to have been a generous contributor to the Thornhill Christmas Assistance Program, helping families of all denominations in need. This year the program was able to help over 115 families including families that are part of Yellow Brick House Women’s Shelter. “Even in a world of polarisation, fake news and social media, some beliefs remain universal, and central to today’s politics. None is more influential than the idea that inequality has risen in the rich world. People read about it in newspapers, hear about it from their politicians and feel it in their daily lives.”

At the end of the day we always wish we had more time, unfortunately time is a depreciating asset that we can never recover. Throughout the day we may do things that waste time and provide nothing for us or simply make short-sighted decisions like saving 20 minutes by avoiding breakfast. The problem is that these decisions could be impacting our lives more than we realize. This article provides a great list of simple decisions we can start implementing today to lead to better decisions tomorrow. Making our days more productive so at the end of the day we are not faced with a mountain sized to-do list we haven’t even dented. Even if you begin implementing just a few ideas from this list into your routine you’ll likely notice a sizeable change in yourself and your productivity.

Click here for 22 power routines that should help to get you on the path to having more productive days.

“I always find this time of year to be self-reflective. Year-end provides a natural point for critiquing past performance and fitting it into a broader investing context. These holidays in particular have a way of foisting this perspective upon me, and with deep meaning. As a parent of two young kids, my holidays now kick off with Halloween. Perhaps stuck in this spirit, I find myself wondering: Why are we so scared?”

“”Portfolio managers that invest in undervalued stocks have lagged funds that hold growth stocks over the past decade — leading market commentators to speculate that value investing is dead.”

We are excited to introduce the latest technology on secure file sharing to help simplify your financial life. With that in mind, we would like to share your personal box folder with you. This allows you greater control and freedom when it comes to your important files.

If this is something you’re interested in, please click below to inform us. No need to reply if you do not want access.

  • Free online storage of your documents including meeting notes, tax documents, wills and POAs
  • Access your documents anywhere from your personal computer or mobile device 
  • Easily share files from your computer or take a photo from your mobile device
  • Every file is secure and confidential

YES, I would like to access BOX