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Every year there has been new global initiatives to protect our environment and rightfully so. Latest environmental studies show that pollution and carbon emissions will lead to substantial changes in our earth by as early as 2050. It is our duty as humans to reverse the effects that we have had on the earth and prolong its existence for future generations.

Canada has taken a firm stance on reducing its ecological footprint. Currently there is a plan in place to ban all single use plastics in Canada by the year 2021. The following article in The Globe & Mail touches on some of the plastics that cause harm in our environment, why recycling may not be enough and how we can be better to our environment.

We have all heard the narrative before that millennials spend too much. “They likely would rather spend $15 on avocado toast then save for a rainy day”. Although this may be true, it is short sighted and not looking at the bigger picture of the landscape our marketplace. How companies reach consumers has changed. Today you could have viewed 20- 50 ads in just 10 minutes of scrolling through an app on your phone. This means companies are spending less on an advertising but reach a broader target market.

Social media plays a profound role in how we spend as consumers and our financial well being. Putting an even bigger need for financial discipline and awareness in our everyday lives. Now more than ever millennial consumers should focus on paying themselves first before spending on non-essentials.

This article by Nick Routley analyzes how brands are switching their focus to social media to reach their target markets and how it has impacted consumers today.