My Dashboard

Planning Process

To ensure we deliver exceptional service and maintain complete transparency with our clients, our team has developed a systematic tool called My Dashboard™.

What is “My Dashboard™”?

My Dashboard™ is a unique financial planning tool developed by your team at The McClelland Financial Group. Its purpose is to keep track of the many components driving your financial life.

My Dashboard™ is a tool that allows you and your Financial Advisor to review and evaluate all components of your financial plan on a timely basis. It acts as a snapshot of your financial situation, whether it is current or future-oriented. Also used as a checklist, My Dashboard™ enables us to review specific parts of your financial plan.

My Goals – Click here to open

To achieve a complete understanding of your current goals and dreams for you and your family. We use the My Goals™ tool to assist you in determining and prioritizing each of your main financial goals including retirement income needs, travel budget, savings, debt reduction and estate goals.

My Financial Plan

It is important for us to understand your core values before developing a financial plan. By forming the foundation of our relationship, we can understand exactly what you want, and you understand how we will get you there. My Financial Plan™ is a detailed picture of your current financial situation. Using our cash flow based software we outline a detailed strategy to assist you in meeting your goals.

My Balanced Portfolio

My Balanced Portfolio™ is a portfolio planning tool that begins with a detailed personal risk analysis. This analysis is followed by the creation of a personalized Investment Policy Statement which outlines how your assets will be invested and will include your time horizon, income needs, liquidity requirements and your portfolio risk profile. We will also provide you with a portfolio X-Ray to help you understand exactly how you are invested.

My Tax Plan

My Tax Plan™ starts with a review of your previous year’s tax return and Notice of Assessment. By analyzing these documents, we often uncover strategies that can save you and your family thousands of dollars annually. We also complete a tool we’ve created, My Income Tax Minimizer, which includes a 40 point checklist that ensures you are not over paying in taxes.

My Estate Plan

My Estate Plan™ consists of a review of your current Will and Powers of Attorney (both personal and property). It also includes a detailed analysis of your estate’s projected end value and future liability. We arrange your estate to offset the impact of taxation and to protect your family’s important assets. By doing so, you will be able to endow meaningful legacies to succeeding generations and to your community.

My Safety Net

My Safety Net™ consists of a detailed review of your risks for life disability, critical illness, long-term care and insurance.

My Education Plan

My Education Plan™ consists of an analysis of the savings required to fund your children or grandchildren’s post-secondary education.  To ensure the appropriate asset allocation, we complete a recurring review using the Education Mix Calculator™.

My Family and Friends

My Family and Friends™ consists of a periodic review of your family and friends, to see who may require assistance.

The step-by-step process to managing your wealth.

How does it work?

In every client interaction, your advisor reviews specific components of your financial plan at designated time intervals. This information is updated within My Dashboard™ and will be reviewed again at the next scheduled time.

Consultation – Click here to open

First, we get to know you, your financial situation and your needs by understanding your future and present personal financial goals.


We will conduct a thorough analysis of your current financial situation using financial tools.


We understand that each person and each business is unique. Your customized financial strategy will identify and offer strategies to address challenges and opportunities

Monitor and Review

We will meet on a regular basis to monitor your evolving needs and goals in light of changes in your life as well as in the investment markets, tax law and economic realities

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