Fee-based Advantage

Our Unique Fee-Based Approach To Investing.

In order to provide truly objective advice to our clients, our office moved to a fee-based compensation model in 2004. In 2016, the investment industry will be adopting new regulatory rules that will benefit clients with advisors who use this model. Under the fee-based platform, clients pay their advisor directly as opposed to the advisor being compensated from the investment company (commission-based compensation model).

How does this benefit you?

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By using a fee-based approach, we remove the retail costs that are usually involved in running a portfolio. Many times this has led to a 40% reduction in the overall cost of managing a portfolio.


The costs involved in running your portfolio as well as our compensation are not hidden within your portfolio. These costs are visible and reported to you.

Tax Deductibility

As your non-registered accounts are transparent, they also may help with tax deduction.

Fee Reduction

Your portfolio fee percentage decreases as the value of your portfolio increases.

Family Rates

Creating a family group with other family members allows for a discounted fee rate for the entire family.

No Product Ties

We do not have any ties with any of the investment products we recommend to clients. Using a Fee-Based Account approach also means we are not compensated by any mutual fund companies which allows us to remain absolutely objective in our recommendations at all times. Our interest is in what is going to provide you with the most cost efficient growth within your portfolio.

Aligned Interests

The only way to increase our revenue is through the growth of your portfolio which puts our interests in line with yours.


We have chosen not to recommend investments with associated redemption costs which means our clients are never locked into any particular investment.

Similar to other professional industries, fees from a financial planner should be defined – not hidden within an investment’s performance.

Contact our office to see how you can start working with a team who has been voluntarily disclosing fees, 10 years before the industry made it mandatory.

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