Monthly Archives: January 2020

We were so happy to celebrate with you at our Dec 11th holiday event. Over 150 children will receive a gift this holiday season as a result of client donations and the McClelland Financial Group’s contribution to the CHUM City Wish Foundation. Thank you for generous support.

The McClelland Financial Group is very proud to have been a generous contributor to the Thornhill Christmas Assistance Program, helping families of all denominations in need. This year the program was able to help over 115 families including families that are part of Yellow Brick House Women’s Shelter.

“Even in a world of polarisation, fake news and social media, some beliefs remain universal, and central to today’s politics. None is more influential than the idea that inequality has risen in the rich world. People read about it in newspapers, hear about it from their politicians and feel it in their daily lives. This belief motivates populists, who say selfish metropolitan elites have pulled the ladder of opportunity away from ordinary people. It has given succour to the left, who propose ever more radical ways to redistribute wealth (see article). And it has caused alarm among business people, many of whom now claim to pursue a higher social purpose, lest they be seen to subscribe to a model of capitalism that everyone knows has failed.”