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“Almost two-thirds of millennials say they’re living paycheck to paycheck and only 38% feel financially stable, according to a new survey from Charles Schwab.

Millennials, more than any other generation surveyed by Schwab, feel the most insecure when it comes to their finances. That’s according to roughly 380 millennials (ages 23 to 38) surveyed for Schwab’s 2019 Modern Wealth report.”


“Stories about value investing are the equivalent of your kids asking “Are we there yet?” over and over again on a road trip.

The value investing equivalent of “Are we there yet?” is this:

June 23, 2019: Is value investing dead? It might be and here’s what killed it (CNBC)

September 6, 2018: Is value investing dead? (Morningstar)

September 24, 2017: Is value investing dead? It depends on how you measure it (WSJ)”