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Join Grant McCleod and Jeff Hammond as they discuss all things golf.

Grant McLeod has been an Associate PGA Professional at Thornhill for more than 10 years. He is an expert on the golf swing and teaching all level of players. Grant will be joined by Assistant PGA Professional and Level 3TPI Golf Instructor Jeff Hammond his focus is on health & wellness through personal training and how it relates to sport and the golf swing.

The video below is a full recording of this month’s Lunch & Learn workshop that took place on May 21, 2019 at the Thornhill Golf and Country Club.

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As advisors, we typically counsel families to take a patient, long-term approach to investing in the marketing, but the markets often spin on today’s breaking news and hottest holdings. This means we must take the time to learn about the latest financial fads alongside our clients. Cryptocurrency is a prime example.

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“One of the reasons it’s so difficult to outperform the market is because so many individual stocks themselves underperform the market. It’s not a symmetrical distribution where half the stocks outperform and half underperform.

A few years ago Michael Cembalest at JP Morgan performed an extensive study on the Russell 3000 Index, which is a good proxy for the overall U.S. stock market. He found:

  • The excess return on the median stock since its inception versus an investment in the Russell 3000 Index was negative 54%.
  • Two-thirds of all stocks underperformed versus the Russell 3000 Index from the time they were added to the index. And 40% of all stocks had negative absolute returns, suffering a permanent 70% or more decline from their peak value.
  • The percentage of extreme winners in the index was in the single digits, meaning a very small percentage of stocks carried most of the weight for the remaining underperforming stocks.”

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I’m about to have the biggest moment of my life. Those of you who attended our 10th Annual McClelland University will know that I will be going through a new life phase within the next couple months. For those of who you weren’t able to attend, I wanted to share the news that I will be taking a year off starting mid to late May to start my family! Yes – my husband and I will be welcoming a beautiful baby boy come June and we are over the moon excited. To those clients who haven’t been in to see or speak with me yet this year – I wanted to let you know that you will not be left stranded but will in fact be very well taken care of. John Iaconetti, our newest addition to the advisor team, will be taking care of you while I am away. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any one on the team if you have any questions or concerns regarding my leave. I look forward to seeing you all when I return in a year!

This applies to you if you, your spouse or your children are 24 years old or younger, and have drug coverage under a private insurance plan, such as a group benefits plan through Manulife.

What you need to do

Starting April 1, 2019, when you, your spouse, or your children get a prescription drug, let your pharmacist know you’re not covered under OHIP+ anymore. They can submit the claim to your Manulife plan. To make things easier, have your benefits card handy. You can get a copy of it online when you sign in at or through the Manulife Mobile app.

You may need to do a little extra if you’re taking a high cost drug

To see if a drug requires prior authorization (PA), sign in to your Manulife group benefits account at Once signed in, under My benefits select My drug plan and search for the prescribed drug.If this option is not available to you, you can access the list of PA drugs from the forms tab, under Plan Member brochures. If the drug you’ve been prescribed is eligible, requires PA and is not being administered in a hospital, here’s what you need to do:

  • If it was approved and paid for by OHIP+, simply send us your approval letter or a prescription receipt and phone number.
    • Your letter will show it’s been approved under the Exceptional Access Program (EAP).
    • Your pharmacist can give you a copy of the receipt. It’ll show it was paid for under the ODB.
  • If your doctor has prescribed a high cost drug, and you haven’t started taking it, you’ll need to fill out a Drug Prior Authorization form and send it to us.

Getting documents to us

If you need to send us any of the above (an approval letter, a copy of the receipt, or a new Prior Authorization form), here’s how you can do it:

  • Online – Sign in to your Manulife group benefits account and from the home page, use the Send documents feature. You’ll need to select the Drug Prior Authorization form option. Upload the documents and hit Send.
  • By mail or fax – if you do not have the Send documents feature you can still get the documents to us:
    • Fax: 1-855-752-0404
    • Mail: Manulife Group Benefits Health Claims Attention: Prior Authorization Team PO BOX 1653 Waterloo, ON N2J 4W1

And remember, we’ll need your plan contract and certificate number when you send us your documents. You’ll also want to keep a copy of the documents you send us for your records.


If you have questions, give us a call or email us.

  • Phone: 1-800-268-6195 Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET.
  • Email:  Sign in to your group benefits account at and send us a note.

You can also find additional information about OHIP+ on the Ontario government website.