Daily Archives: June 5, 2015

The McClelland Financial Group and the PEO York and Thornhill Willowdale Chapter understands the impact that well-educated youth will have on the quality of our communities and the long-term sustainability and global competitiveness of the Canadian economy.

We also believe that education and higher learning should be a right for all Canadians, not a privilege that is granted to the select few that can continue to afford the rising costs of post secondary education. As a reflection of our commitment to education, and as part of our advocacy in the arena of equal access to higher learning, we are proud to offer The McClelland Financial Group, Professional Engineers of Ontario – York Chapter Scholarship and Professional Engineers of Ontario – Thornhill-Willowdale Chapter Scholarship, valued at $1,500 ea. annually. This will be offered to students entering their first year of post-secondary education.

The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the student’s community contributions, intra and extracurricular activities and their intention to make a career in the profession of engineering. To qualify for this award, the student must be an honour graduate from a secondary school and be accepted into an accredited engineering program at a Canadian University.


Name of student along with a picture and an essay on “Why do you want to become a Professional Engineer.” (minimum 250 words).  will be posted on our tmfg.ca website.

PEO YORK Scholarship Application Form